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Merchant Service Analyst   &   Merchant Services Analyst & Merchant Processing Analyst 

Merchant Processor Analyst & Merchant Account Analyst    are  pending Trade Marks®

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FIRST USE: 20120713. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20120713

Competitive Processing Edge

Beyond the Processing Edge

Defined as:

Those U.S. Veterans - functioning as employee owners managing Merchant Card Service™,  that have assimilated the distinction in ascertaining an accredited knowledge towards the merchant account credit card processing business industry; have obtained insight, experienced understanding on several levels of practice and instruction from certified milestones, with the ability to anatomize any merchants business module, from their processing statements and more related to transaction processing in how it is intertwined within a merchants current business model mix. Then provide defined conveyances for related merchant services and other in regard with and not limited to the following; price attributes for services and related equipment necessary to improve merchants revenue streams for merchant processing, any security affirmations, and other equipment or services, followed with support services that set standards beyond the norm.

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